Meeting Invite Survey

All members of the household, 5 years old and over, are required to complete a Rapid Antigen Test, before the Saturday reading.
Please read the below guidelines prior to completing the survey.


    Symptoms, Testing Positive or have recently had COVID:

    • In the case of minor cold or flu symptoms, household members would be free to attend the meeting in person if they feel well enough as was the practice prior to COVID.
    • If a person has had COVID within the last 14 days and is still testing positive, they should not attend.
    • If a person has had COVID within the last 14 days, is testing negative, symptom free and it is at least 8-10 days since they first tested positive, they can attend.
    • If a person has had COVID and is continuing to test positive far longer than 14 days from the first test, they can attend.
    • If a person has received a positive test for the first time on Lord's Day morning, no one in the household should attend.


    • Children under the age of 5 are not required to be vaccinated.
    • If your child has had their first vaccination, contracted Covid since and unable to take their 2nd vaccination yet, due to health guidance, they are free to attend the meeting.


    • If a person is not vaccinated it is not recommended that they attend however it is up to the local administration.

Please complete this survey even if you are away or unable to attend the meeting. In this case, answer zero (O) for the question regarding number attending. This is to be completed by the Main householder on behalf of all Household members, including any visitors.
Have any household members/visitors 5 years and over, received a POSITIVE Rapid Antigen Test (RAT test) from the tests conducted this morning or are currently isolating due to contracting COVID?(Required)
Are any members of the household currently NOT fully vaccinated (x2 doses)?(Required)